Top Suggestion - Which PM Narendra Modi Got for the Independence Day Speech 2018 {15 August}

As Prime Minister Modi ask for his Independence Day Speech, He got millions of suggestion on and we collect the top suggestion which people share with the PM Narendra Modi for his Independence day speech and share some their personal thoughts too.

1 - Subhendu Samui Suggestion/ Personal Thoughts For PM Modi  -  Independence Day Speech

The Prime Minister


With due respect I want to convey you that ,we feel so proud for you as a Prime Minister of our country. Sir as a Prime minister you fulfill your duties with honesty day by day which all known to us and you take lots of decision for the welfare of citizen and most of all are running successfully too. Sir ,three basic needs always in my mind that’s why I write this letter to you for thinking about my thought /suggestions … if you think its may be helpfully and right thought then please do some thing because if you want you can do this… My three suggestions are –

1. Sir, In our education System Environmental Science is Compulsory from very beginning as like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry ,Bengali, English, Work Education etc. in private as well as Govt. organization to aware the students regards environment Condition. But Analyzing the present condition of our country i think if SELF DEFENCE class will Start both private and govt. institute as a mandatory as like environmental Subject ..its very helpfully for both women and men ..and its also decrease the corruption , molestation, rape and always protect mainly girls in any situation and it also increase the self confidents, encourage them lots and making strong both physically and mentally .

2. Sir, another one for FARMER, in our country farmers play the vital role for developing our country both economically and internally… farmer always protect our country from fasting ,lacking of foods and their crops helps to built the economical condition stable also .. They all time work very hard in any environmental condition for surviving ..but they don’t get any reward for their hardworking .they work continuously to the end of their life without any weekend ,any govt norms leaves..but most of all time they failed to survive and committed suicide..

Sir, you started lots of Bima ,Yoyona but sir they every year face loss in vegetable market can they refund their loan which they took from bank..

Sir I think govt. must be taken a farmer as a asset of our country as like employee which is also consider asset of their company

Farmer play a vital role as like Army man ..An army protect our country from enemy in same way farmer also protect our country from lacking of foods. So Farmer must consider as like pillar of our country..

Sir, you think there lots of policy regarding accident in bike ,plane , bus accident ,train but sir if a farmer died by snake bite, or thunderstorm then which policy work there no value of farmers life?

Whatever sir I just want to conclude that in our country must give priority to farmer..and please pay them a certain amount as like salary like employee in monthly ..for surviving them ..and fixed a market value of their crops with respect to all expenditure for cultivation. And also policy against their death and also effects on their cultivation by natural activities .. And pay them monthly salary whatever it is survive them and prevent committed suicide..

3. Sir Third one is please remove all tax from medicine because our country mainly full of poor people ..thats why they die without medicine day by day for lack of medicine ..please sir there are lots of thing for business but please don’t consider medicine as a business part ..otherwise please lounge genetic medicine in our country which are same composition and low in cost

Sir if you think that my think is right then please do some thing we are very hopefully to you… Please grant my little pray which related to welfare of our country..

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2 - Ravi Ranjan Suggestion/ Personal Thoughts For PM Modi  -  Independence Day Speech

Ideas for PM’s speech

1. The cast based reservation system

a. I feel the definition of underprivileged (the root cause for Reservation system) needs to be updated. It should be based on accessibility of basic needs that poor people do not get.

b. I feel the reservation should be provided at root level of the issue and not at the fruit level. Giving reservation to underprivileged in schools, in hospitals would be more beneficial in improving their future than giving them reservation in Jobs where they are not capable of performing the duty because they did not have required education, knowledge. Half of the nation’s problem would be solved if capable and qualified people get the job. Currently most of the crucial positions are occupied by people who do not have required skills to do the justice with the position they hold. They got the job due to reservation not due to their ability 

c. I feel reservation should be provided to make one capable enough to earn their basic needs to live.

d. Being born in upper case does not guarantee access to a good school, college etc... vice versa is also true

2. The Income Tax on Salaried class

a. We end up paying more than 40% of their income as Direct/Indirect Taxes. The tax should be either on income or on availing services. The salaried class is paying tax on

i. The hard earned income 
ii. The basic services we avail. As basic as on train tickets 
iii. The goods we buy, well in this case tax is more because the manufacturers include the tax they have to pay as a Manufacturing cost in the MRP. End result is higher MRP

b. It would be more efficient to increase the coverage of tax payers. This will reduce the burden on middle class salaried population while increase government revenue 

c. More visibility to citizen on how their taxed money is coming back to them. How it is being utilized

3. Centralized Driving licence, voter id etc..

a. Till date all these are managed at state level and this reduces efficiency in centralizing things. 
b. Makes migration (for job purpose) difficult in different parts of India 
c. Despite of providing Aadhar ID, demand for local address proof invites corruption 
d. Every government office demands for different identification proof and copies of it when we want to move towards digitization

4. Digital Money

a. Bring in policies that would encourage citizens to use digital money that cash b.
 Bring in policies to track cash transactions 
i. Even today there is so much cash transaction happening that results in black money 
ii. There are businesses that show less income by doing cash transactions 
iii. Make it easier to report such cash transactions and reward those report it

5. Education System

a. The education system needs a reform. You might have often heard from CEOs that 75% of India’s youth is not employable. Needless to say the education system is to be blamed that only focuses on how to earn grades but gives nothing on knowledge, soft skills etc.. 

b. Education system should make students more confident, comfortable in making presentations, fearless in public speaking.

3 - Shamim Ali Suggestion/ Personal Thoughts For PM Modi  -  Independence Day Speech

Hon’ble PM, Today we are the fasted growing economy in the world and our government is working rigorously day and night for the betterment and development of its people and country. Sir quality of education is pathetic at primary level especially in government school. Till now none of the government talked about it but what they did, they started midday meal to attract poor children for education. What is the use of it when we are not able to achieve our target for which purpose midday meal program was launched. All I wanted from you is to improve the quality of education at primary level specially in government school as most of the poor parents who are socially and economically backward couldn’t afford the fee of private schools.This issue I think last to last year was also raised by the high court of U.P. and asked why the public servants or M.P’s or MAL’s don’t send their children to government school for primary education. Here you can think why angels do not send their children for primary education in government schools. One of the fundamental duties which states that “it is the responsibility of the parents and guardian to send their child or ward to school who is 6-14 years. For poors, each member of the family is the earning source irrespective of their age. Indirectly they want assurance that education can help to change the fortune of their children and that we can give them by providing quality education at primary level which further opens their door for higher education. Recentally Higher Education Commission has been established to over come the work load of UGS but what is the use of establishing such body where we are fail to provide good quality education at primary level.If education at primary level is good then there is no need to establishing such body .Finally Solution of every problem whether it’s internal or external is education education and education.

Second, I want you to introduced atleast one month field education in all the school and this should be from pre nursery to 12th and this should contain practical and one of the part of curriculum.This will help them to learn about environment and give them practical knowledge. For this syllabus should be design in such a way that it covers all the important topics and chapters. Our ex government brings the CCE pattern to CBSE and its response was not good on behalf of most of the parents as it’s brought sedentary lifestyle to their children. Sir if you implement this in all schools across India its will definitely help up to reduce unemployment in future and I am sure all parents will supports it. This system will also helps in the development of our country in many ways such it will always help children to live active lifestyle specially for those who lives sedentary lifestyle, reduce the diseases from them which ultimately saves our millions of dollar annually.

4 - Shashi Bushan Sharma Suggestion/ Personal Thoughts For PM Modi  -  Independence Day Speech

Politics as is a Service, hence it should be governed by the Service Rules as well.

Make an announcement on this Independence Day that the elected representatives

(MP’s/ MLA’s /MLC’s) will be eligible for pension if they serve at least for twenty years .

Those who have not served for twenty years their pensions and other benefits will be discontinued with immediate effect .

An ordinance to this effect can be issued by the President and subsequently the Constitution can be amended accordingly.

The amount thus saved from this pension fund and other benefits can be given to the Short Service Commission Officers as a pension for the coming sixty eight years (1950 to 2018)

There after new law of minimum twenty years will be applicable for SSC officers as well. 

This will not only be a very bold initiative but will act as a big moral booster to our Defence Personnel and will be appreciated by the Country men for giving a level playing field to all.

• Promotion to Defence Personnel will be made at par with the civil services. 
• Any left over issue of OROP will be resolved without any further delay. 
• Compensations to Martyrs will be the same, be it North East or J&K.

Sir, Your Hon’r has taken very big initiatives about the Governance and I sincerely hope that my suggestions will find a place in your Address to the Nation and will prove to be the most productive steps of the Govt. since Independence.

P.S. : I have a very simple suggestion for increasing the ground water level / flood control and availability of drinking water in the Country, I request for an audience after the Independence Day so that a detailed discussions about the same could be held.

5 - Kanchan Majumdar Suggestion/ Personal Thoughts For PM Modi  -  Independence Day Speech

Hon’ble Prime Minister Sir,

You are 1st and the only PM to think about Person With Disabilities (PWD) the most neglected section of our society, as PWDs are not vote bank for political parties. Theeby, PWDs & their parents / caregivers had to suffer in silence since independence in 1947. True to your “Saab Ka Saath Saab Ka Vikas”, you not only spoke about them in 1st & 2nd Maan Ki Baat, you coined “DIVYANGAJAN” to remove their social stigma. Your Govt. did the following for “DIVYANGAJAN”: (1) removed the barrier to entry of PWDs in Indian Foreign Service making 1st totally blind (women) from Chennai joining IFS in 2016; (2) after 23 years in 2015 since launch of IRCTC website in 2002, it became possible for PWDs & their parents buy railway tickets online & not to stand in crowded que like other normal citizens; (3) initiated Access India Campaign for ease of their mobility.

For your Independence Speech would humbly suggest the following as the LIC & PSU General Insurance Companies are practicing discrimination against Persons With Disabilities in issuing Life Insurance & Basic Health Insurance cover to “DIVYANGAJAN” in contravention of The Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 & under the Article 14 of the Constitution of India– Right to Equality. Only your kind intervention can change the prevailing situation.

1) Announce BASIC Health Insurance cover for “DIVYANGAJAN” by PSU General Insurance Companies for Rs. 2, 3, 4 & 5 lakhs without any limit on room rent & ICU room rent, as well as without any upper age limit for entry. PSU General Insurance Companies not only keeps ridiculously low limit of 1% on Insured Sum on room rent & ICU room rent, but also DO NOT provide basic Health Insurance cover for “DIVYANGAJAN”. Where can one get any room & ICU room for Rs.2,000/-, 3,000/-, 4000/-, 5,000/- respectively? 

Absence of BASIC Health Insurance cover for “DIVYANGAJAN”, haunts PWDs & their parents / caregivers. Once BASIC Health Insurance Cover is taken, PWDs & their parents / caregivers can opt to take TOP-UP Health Insurance Cover as per their needs & financial capabilities.

2) Announce BASIC Health Insurance cover for “Senior Citizens” by PSU General Insurance Companies for Rs. 2, 3, 4 & 5 lakhs without any limit on room rent & ICU room rent. PSU General Insurance Companies not only keeps ridiculously low limit of 1% on Insured Sum on room rent & ICU room rent, but also do not provide BASIC Health Insurance cover above Rs. 3 laks or so. Where can one get any room & ICU room for Rs.2,000/-, 3,000/-, 4000/-, 5,000/- respectively? It is also very difficult for “Senior Citizens” to get BASIC Health Insurance cover after 60 years of age. This also needs to be addressed as due to modern medical care the life span of individuals have gone up and accordingly the rate of premium and entry age also needs to be worked out by by PSU General Insurance Companies. At the twilight years of their life Senior Citizens this uncertainty haunts each of them and must be addressed to by the Govt. Once BASIC Health Insurance cover for “Senior Citizens” by PSU General Insurance Companies for Rs. 2, 3, 4 & 5 lakhs without any limit on room rent & ICU room rent is available, it will then become easy for them to opt for “TOP-UP” Health Insurance Cover as per their needs & financial capabilities.

3) Announce Life Insurance cover for “DIVYANGAJAN” by Life Insurance Corporation of India.

You as the true devotee of Great Saint Swami Vivekananda are trying your best to improve the lot of “DIVYANGAJAN” in your true spirit of “Saab Ka Saath Saab Ka Vikas” mantra, and not considering them as VOTE BANK.

Sir, My research over the internet as a parent of a blind child reveals the following startling facts and placed for your kind consideration

If you consider one “DIVYANGAJAN” / PWDs with at least 2 other individuals like their parents / siblings / caregivers then indeed it becomes a considerable influencer VOTE BANK. This situation political parties are unable to fathom as the Census 2011 wrongly finds that only 2.21% of India’s total population are ‘disabled’ as at Page No. 18 of 107 in the Report Disabled_persons_in_India_2016 by Govt. of India in January 2017 

Under reporting is due to various factors like Enumerators are not sufficiently trained, sensitized & also forced to work at difficult situation without enough monetary incentives, feeling of awkwardness by the Enumerators to ask house hold about existence of any family members with disabilities and also due to social stigma of admitting there is a disabled person at home by the house hold due to inherent Hindu belief that all our sufferings are because of bad deeds (karma) in the previous birth.

Sir, kindly consider the following incriminating findings in the advanced countries:

USA Census Bureau Report: JULY 25, 2012: finds that “nearly 1 in 5 people having a Disability in the U. S.” i.e. nearly 20% in the U.S., Census Bureau i.e. 10 times that of India’s percentage of disabled persons. 

It states that 18.7% of population are Disabled (almost 10 times that of India’s percentage) in advanced countries like USA, Australia & New Zealand as per their Census Reports & findings, in spite of having much superior public health care, better nutrition levels in children & expectant mothers, availability of safe drinking water, better child health & trauma care etc.; as per these findings India would be having at least 23 crores Persons With Disabilities out of 125 crores Indian population, and it will go up dramatically if we consider at least 1 of their parents / siblings / caregivers directly affected.

New Zealand Disability Survey: 2013: finds that “24 percent of the New Zealand population were identified as disabled”

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) UK: Page updated 25 September 2017 states that “there are around 13.3 million disabled people in the UK (almost one in five of the population)”.

Disability statistics - health - Statistics Explained - European Commission: Last modified on 1 June 2018 states that “approximately 28 % of people aged 15-64 in the EU reported a longstanding health problem or a basic activity difficulty, or both. This varied by country, ranging from 14 % in Greece and Ireland to over 50 % in France and Finland

Sir, My humble submission is that you may kindly consider the above matter to be included in your Independence Speech on 15 August 2018.

Sir, may I request for your kind audience as per your convenience to share with you many more ideas for Census 2021, utilization of NCC, National Service Scheme (NSS) an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India and Bharat Scouts & Guides for this purpose and other activities towards nation building


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