हिंदी Independence Day Speech in Hindi - स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भाषण

हिंदी Independence Day Speech in Hindi - स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भाषण - India is going to celebrate it's 72 anniversary on 15th August and now it will be 72 years of Independence. On 15th August every Indian will be celebrating their Independence day by singing a song, creating a drama script and with dance too. there must be a great celebration because every Indian deserve to celebrate it's Independence. It was not easy task to get the Independence from the british rule but our legends create the history by his invoilence strategy marks by Gandhi Ji and followed by the other heroes of India. British get scared, when Bhagat singh choose death instead of choosing slave, this creat the patriotic feeling for the nation and i feel proud to be an Indian and not me, each and every citizens feel proud to be an Indian.

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72 Independence Day Speech | 15 August Speech For Teachers & Students In Hindi If you are searching for the Independence Day …

15 August Speech 2018 For Students, Teachers In English, Hindi

Independence day - 15 August Speech 2018 For Students, Teachers In English, Hindi - 15 August is the day when we all celebrate and stand in front of the flagB to show the patriotic feeling towards our nation and it is our duty to celebrate this day to remember our all the legendary warrior  lost his life during the war between the britishers and also with the pakistan.

India is the country who always stand like a warrior for the war. Indian from the old centuries is fighting for their Independence and now is the time came that we become Independent fully and we have a lot of hope from the recent ministers that we will also fight with the corruption and will Independent too from the corruption too. 

And Today, Is the Independent day, we all are so happy to see our nation flag and on this day we also need to take a pledge that we never let down our country and will always be there for our country and will fight till the death for our nation.

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Independence Day Speech 2018 For Students, Teachers In English, Hindi

15 August speech at school for primary students -  

Beginning the Speech

Respected HM Sir,
honourable guests,
my dear teachers and my lovely friends.

At First, I would like to wish you all 
Happy Independence Day,

Today, I am glad to be the part of this ceremony, we should celebrate this day with a great spirit.

we should remember the great leaders like Mahatma Gandhiji, Subhash chandra bose and others. I Feel proud to be an Indians.

With this, 

I would like to thank you and all for this opportunity.

Jai Hind

Independence day speech 2 for HIgher Class Students

The Honorable principal, 
Respected Guests, 
my teachers and my lovely friends.

At First,
Let me wish you all a Happy Independence day.

On this day,
On 15th August 1947
We got Independence from the british rule.

Many Leaders Sacrificed their lives to see us breath free air.

The Leaders Like,

Mahatma Gandhiji
Subhash Chandra Bose
Bhagat Singh
Lala Lajpat Rai
and many others similingly sacrificed their lives for us.

We shouldn't let their blood go waste & we should work hard to build this country.

I Assure that 
I would serve this country 
with my best.

With this, I would like to conclude my speech.

Thank You

Jai Hind

15 August Speech For Students In English

Respected HM Sir,
honourable guests,
my dear teachers and my lovely friends.

Today as we have assembled here to celebrate our country Independence.

So, I have few thoughs to share with you,

Our country Independence is very dear and precious to each one of us.

Today we are fortunate to breath the fresh air of Independence and enjoying the democracy. So let us remember the important role has a responsible students. so can be worthy for this great nation

First we have to stop the corruption at every level.

Be bold, Courages and find out wherever it may be to protect public property as like buses, monuments for misuse and damage. To conserve all the natural resourses like wild life, forest, water etc. to appolish the difference on the basis of the region, caste etc.

To remove social evils like child labour, child marriages, dowry, discrimination against women and so on.

To protect the pride of being an Indian,

So I pledge to destroy all this which leading pur nation to be shame and i also want every one to take pledge that we will fight against all this

Thank You

Jai Hind.

15 August Speech 2018 For Students, Teachers In English, Hindi

15 August Speech For Students, Teachers In English, Hindi - Independence day the day of sacrifice and the day which create the history and show the world that there is 1 country whose name is India and the most democartic country in the world, where citizens get all the right and are living in the independent atmospher and now just get the best speech on the Independence day. If you want to choose the speech on Independence day then also read ourt other post and get the choice to choose from the multiple Independence day post article.

15th August is the date where all the Indians get unite and stand together infront of the national flag and salute to the flag and also show to the world a beautiful country, where all the religion people stand together for the nation and love their country the most.

Here, You will get the best speech related to the Independence day and we are assuring you that on this site, you will get the bets speech related to the 15 August and also recheck our all the Independence day speech with your mentors and with your parent too. 

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