हिंदी Independence Day Speech in Hindi - स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भाषण

हिंदी Independence Day Speech in Hindi - स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भाषण - India is going to celebrate it's 72 anniversary on 15th August and now it will be 72 years of Independence. On 15th August every Indian will be celebrating their Independence day by singing a song, creating a drama script and with dance too. there must be a great celebration because every Indian deserve to celebrate it's Independence. It was not easy task to get the Independence from the british rule but our legends create the history by his invoilence strategy marks by Gandhi Ji and followed by the other heroes of India. British get scared, when Bhagat singh choose death instead of choosing slave, this creat the patriotic feeling for the nation and i feel proud to be an Indian and not me, each and every citizens feel proud to be an Indian.

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15 August Speech 2018 In Hindi, English For Teachers, Students, Children & Kids

15 August 2018 Speech In Hindi, English For Students, Children & Kids - 15 August is the very precious day in all over the India, Millions of people celebrate this patriotic day with great enthusiasm and in epic. And In this post we will cover the 15 August patriotic Speech In Hindi & In English Too.

15 August is a dedicated day too for the freedom fighter who lost his life in the war and we must celebrate this day in epic for our Indian Army Warrior.

And How can we forget our legendary Indian warrior - Gandhi JI. Who devotee his completely life for the sake of the Indian Independence.

Independence day celebrated on 15 August in all over the India and there is various function too held in every school. so the Indians children and youth also get to know about the Indian warrior who lost his life so that we can live Independently.

And 15 August is the date, where we can devote our full day to our warrior as like Bhagat Singh. Now get the Independence day Speech In Hindi For Students.

Independence Day Speech In Hindi For Teachers

Good Morning, 

Respected Teachers & the Guest.

I am Feeling so proud that today i get the chance to speak some few words on the great Independence day.

Firstly, I feel so sorry for the teachers that you are not be able to guide your children, that the student must present on the day of Independence day because they should know about the Indians Warrior, who just lost his life just for the sake of India Independence.

And Now, I just want to wish each n every on Indian Independence day and want to congratulate Independence day too.

I also want to say too all of you that India get the Independence thrice, Firstly by the British and then from the Pakistan too.

How can we forget our War On the Kargil when so many our people lost his life. India is not only the country for Indian Citizen, India is a home.

And Now, I Just want to congratulate each and every Indian Citizen for the Independence day. 

Thanks, Jai Hind!!!

15 August Speech In Hindi 2018

Here You will get the best Independence Day Speech In Hindi for the students as well as for teacher and if you found below speech meanimgful or want some changes on our 15 August speech In HIndi then please tell us in the comment box.

Independence Day Speech In Hindi & English For the Students

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