Independence Day Anchoring Script In English - 15 August Script In Hindi

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Independence day Anchoring Script

One individual may die for an ideas, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in a thousand lives. 

On this special Occasion, I want to wish you all a very happy independence day. Every year we celebrate this day epic and today Independence day celebfration will make Epic moment for every one .
Flag Hosting

In India, there is a difference in Religon, Caste, Creed But whenla the Indian Flag host, Every India stant infront of flag and salute to be an Indian. I Request the principal Ma'am to come and hoist the flag.d

Let’s raise our voices in unison and sing our National Anthem

Now, It's the time to parade, you all are ging to be an witness foir,r this amazing parade and before starting parade and want to thanks Mr. Pradeep Sir, for organising such an beautiful Parade.


Welcoming is an art and it sprouts from the heart. To express it at this juncture, May I take the pleasure of requesting our respected Principal to give a red carpet welcome to everybody assembled here.

Independence Day Address

Independence day is the day when we all got Independence from the british rule. Every Year we say that we got Independence form the british rule but no one even realize that how hard it was to get the Independence from the british rule. Just take a dig for a moment to realize that how hard it was and how people's life destroty and get killed to get this fresh air of  Independnce. 

And Now a days we are doing nothing for the nation, daily our army soldier getting killed, corruption is at huge level, people are getting to poorer and sometime i feel the worst situationgoing on Indian. And sometime i cried to see that no one is helping other person.

As I know, that we daily take oath that all Indians are my brother and sister and if we really take oath then why girls are not safe in our country and why they are getting raped.

Officer are doing work when they got the bribe, what the hell is going on in our nation. Today, i want oath from every one that we will help our neigbour and entire people of this nation and will also hel the foreigner who came to our nation too see the beauty of Indian and will show our kindness to them and make feel our Indian pride.

Just want to tell every one person who are indulgig in corruption and are the particpator to making Indian worst -"Get Well Soon"

And I belive that the MInister and who are at the huge post in the civil service will do his best to convert the entire nation at a peak.

Talent Display

Prize Distribution

“Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better” is a famous quote. It’s the generosity of the esteemed management to recognize the excellence of students at the right time. May I request ________ to give away the prizes to the winners"

I hope you all enjoyed this Independence day program.

Thank You all

Jai Hind.

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Independence Day Anchoring Script In Hindi - 15 August Anchoring Script

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