हिंदी Independence Day Speech in Hindi - स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भाषण

हिंदी Independence Day Speech in Hindi - स्वतंत्रता दिवस पर भाषण - India is going to celebrate it's 72 anniversary on 15th August and now it will be 72 years of Independence. On 15th August every Indian will be celebrating their Independence day by singing a song, creating a drama script and with dance too. there must be a great celebration because every Indian deserve to celebrate it's Independence. It was not easy task to get the Independence from the british rule but our legends create the history by his invoilence strategy marks by Gandhi Ji and followed by the other heroes of India. British get scared, when Bhagat singh choose death instead of choosing slave, this creat the patriotic feeling for the nation and i feel proud to be an Indian and not me, each and every citizens feel proud to be an Indian.

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72 Independence Day Speech | 15 August Speech For Teachers & Students In Hindi If you are searching for the Independence Day …

Independence Day Speech For Students, Children In English For Teachers & Students

Independence Day Speech For School Students, Children In English For Teachers & Students - Independence day is the day when we all get unite in front of the flag and sing our patriotic songs. 15 August is the day when we came to know about the actual incident which happen on 15 august and about the great leader too as like Mahatma Gandhi & Bhagat Singh.

At the time of war with the Britishers, there were millions of people who sacrifice their life and fight for the independence. Now, a days, we forget our legend and doing against the Indian Law. we forget the sacrifice life, we forget we m each and everything and making our nation under develop. Just because all of us, our nation stand at the least in each sector. Juts think that, if Mahatma Gandhi alive, what shame he will feel that for this corruption, they led his whole life. Just think once in your life and become a true patriotic person for this nation, who gives you food, job, home etc

Independence day speech by this beautiful Girl

If we will do a little work hard for this nation then we will be at the highest level citizens in comparison of other country citizens, now if some one come from america and from other nation, he says to us that we live in a poor country, just feel shame for our self and do something great for your country that if some one go to abroad, the other country people respect us that we are the citizens of India.

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Independence day speech for Students & Teachers

Must read this speech who are preparing for Independence day speech for Students & Independence day Speech For Teachers

Independence Day Speech For Students - Important Tips

Independence day is just aorund and only few days are left for this mega celebration. And if you've got the opportunity to delive a speech on Independence day - that is the best time for you to show your communication skill and your thought about Independence day. 

Not Everyone, get this opportunity, Just think that every students, Teacher and even the principal will hear you. this is the best time anyone can get. don't let this time waste. you can become a bright student infront of your leader. If you are ready to give marvellous speech on this Independence day then we are with you to help you in your Independence day speech.

Tips - 

1- We Know that you have lot to say on your speech but don't forget that people have a very short concentraion span. So we suggest you to make your speech short and effective.

2 - Delive your speech in a casual way and also show your impression with every major point rather then just a read aloud. 

3 - There should be a proper template of your speech as like

*Why Independence is necessity

*Mention Some Freedom Fighter in your speech

*Importance of freedom and responsibility

*Vision of the Future

*Thanks the audience for the Attention

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Important TipsGandhi, bhagat Singh & Lal Bahadur Shastri have been enough spoken of. Try telling the world about the stories of the less spoken leaders like 

*Sarojni Naidu

*Rajendra Prasad

*Dadabhai Naoroji

*Maulana Azad

*Lala Lajpat Rai

How To Prepare Independence Day{15 August} Speech For Teachers

Same Tips as Given for the Independence Day speech for students but must add some more point in speech as like

*How students must lead their life 

*India is depend on their childrens only

*What students must learn from the freedom fighetr

*How Indian can be a developed country by reducing the illiteracy rate 

*How can students lead their country to the top most country of this world

Independence Day Speech For Students & Teachers In Hindi

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Independence Day Seech in Hindi for Teachers & Students

Independence Day Speech For Students In English 

Let me tell you one of the speech which i heard from my friend on Independence day

Good Morning all of you, 

Today is the Independence day and we all are celebrating this day in epic and all in the school, colleges are celebrating too. I am happy to seen all this that millions of people are celebrating this day as they celebrate their religion festival too.

But, when i came to know that all this are fake and just a show off, then i cry from Inside and think that if we all are so patriotic then why we don't do anything for our country

Still, after getting Independence in 1947, we still count in a developing country this is not only because of the government. every one of us resposible for this, because we are living in a democratic country and we got the power in our poket and after gettimg so much power, we are lacking then we are the only reason.

After living in the 21st Centuary, we still are the supersticious people and believe the illogical reason and now i am scared of all this, even my family have some people who still believe in the superstious activity. we are also under developed as our country.

We are under develop that's why our country is under developed. 

So, i just want to tell all of you that now become smart and do smart work and believe in the science imstead of all this shit.

do study, become a good citizens of this country and do some invention and do anything which you loved it to do.

I hope that you will pass my words to other people too. 

Lastly, want to wish all of you a happy Independence day

Thank You

Jai Hind

Independence Day Speech For Students In English 

Good Morning All Of You,

Today I am feeling so honour, that i am standing in front of all of you and sharing my personal point of view through my Independence day speech.

Yeah! This is amazing that we always celebrate our Independence day on 15th August and pay tribute to our freedom fighter who gang up against Britisher rule.

I Can even images that how amazing that feeling will be among people on 15th August, 1947 that Our Country get Independence

But, Can i ask you all of you, that you also feel the same feeling which our elders feel, In my opinion, I'll say no because now a days, we are under the rule of Corruption, black money, corrupted Officers and ministers too.

And we need to overcome from this rule. so, how can we fight to over come from this latest rule, who are ruling us. is we need to fight to the corrupted officers and Politician.

In My opinion, we all need to study hard because knowledge is the only key to fight from  all these negative energies who are taking us at the least position in this world.

After Getting Independence since 1947, we are lacking in many categories after having the huge population of approx 130 crore.

Education is the main concern for all of us, our minister need to do hike the education fund for the Indian Students. Now Government school not need only mid day meal, they also need a better teacher who can guide the children and also the better infrastructure. 

And the Latest Technology too, so they can also manage himself to stand in front of other country students too.

I hope that you all will pass my words to other also.

Thank You

Jai Hind

Independence Day Speech In English For School Students, Children

In this section, get the best Independence Day Speech For Students and there will be a step to, to make your own Independence day speech.

Good Morning All Of You, Today is the Independence day and Firstly I want to congratulate each and every one and want to thank you to my teachers and respected principal that they give me the chance to speak some few words on the Independence day.

We all know that Independence day celebrated on 15 August, But Now a days, people only know that India get independent on 15 August but forget how harsh it was to be Independent. 

In my opinion, India is still not Independent, Yeah, You listen Exactly, I am saying this too because Just look around, every one is eager to cheat everyone just for the sake of money. And our Minister is the main core that India is still Under develop and unfortunately has to listen a poor country.

I just want to remind all of you that, love your country and die for your country and make it more Independent and please don't give bride to any officer and make your known people Indian rather then Un Indian.

Independence Day Speech For School Students & Teachers- 

Independence Day Speech For Students & Teachers In Hindi

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